Chico Music Party

2010 Porter Party

When Kyle hosts his ‘Porter Party’ it’s a music based ‘welcome to summer festival season’ party. Held every few years on his Nimshew ridge property, it is a special shindig full of music performances. The 2010 affair was no different with Kyle getting a performance from Jack Straw to crank out some tastey Greatful Dead tunes, a great set of music by Danny Cohen and Friends with a wild haired Loki Miller killin’ it on guitar, and the night ended with the always wonderful Fred Zeppelin with Calvin Daley on drums.

Kyle’s property has room to host many for the night, so friends from far, and near can gather to share food, laughter and of course the music. Oh, and then there’s often music around the campfire that takes on it’s own life after the main stage ends for the night. If you ever get invited, don’t miss it!

Chico Music Party | Images of music performances from soirees, Chico style.