2014 Creekside Party

2014 Creekside Party With so many fun parties around Chico, sometimes it’s hard to attend every party you’re invited to. Such is the case with Creekside parties, It was my mistake to miss my earlier invite to this fun party location. Dan has been so gracious to open his property to the celebration of music, […]

Chico Music Party?

Sharing images from music performances around the Chico area to bring back memories.

2010 Porter Party

Fred Zeppelin - Porter Party 2010

Rare sighting of Jack Straw performing for some fine Grateful Dead tunes at the 2010 Porter Party celebrating festival season.

2012 Porter Party

Loki Miller performs - Drew and Friends, Porter Party, 2012

2012 Porter Party Kyle Porter’s 2012 celebration of festival season was another wonderful party; a gathering of friends from near and far. And of course, music was the theme, and it started early and went late into the evening. Kyle’s party is so fun with it’s amazing location, great music, camping and more. Drew and […]